"Let the Code Decide"

In 1928, the International Association of Electrical inspectors was formed. In 1935, the Virginia Chapter was formed and serves our communities as an organization for answering Electrical Code questions and assisting in the Code Making Process for the Electrical Inspector and the Building Official.

As a pioneer, the International Association of Electrical Inspectors plays a strong leadership role in the electrical industry and its many organizations and associations. Because of its reputation for fairness and code-compliance, the association has long been labeled the Keystone of the Electrical Industry. Like the keystone, the association plays a cohesive role among testing agencies, standards organizations, manufacturers, distributors, and contractors. Membership in the association gives you access.

Our goals are:

  • To cooperate in the formulation of standards for the safe installation and use of electrical materials, devices and appliances.
  • To promote the uniform understanding and application of the National Electrical Code and other electrical codes.
  • To promote cooperation between inspectors, the electrical industry and the public.
  • To collect and disseminate information relative to the safe use of electricity.
  • To represent the Electrical Inspectors in all matters which are dealt with nationally and internationally by the electrical industry.
  • To cooperate with other national and international organizations in furthering the development of the electrical industry.

Past Presidents

J.L. Speights Richmond 1937
T.W. Bowery Richmond 1938
F.P. Sagendorf Fairfax County 1939
J.M. Murphy Roanoke 1940
C.H. Dougherty Franklin 1941 - 1942
C.W. Bradley Norfolk 1943
M.C. Folks Richmond 1944
W.E. Dunn Alexandria 1945
Y.W. Hinton Pulaski 1946
A.B. Rorer Lynchburg 1947
J.R. Taliaferro Salem 1948
M.F. Johnson Charlottesville 1949
R.T. Trafton Portsmouth 1950
E.L. Brindel Roanoke 1951
E.P. Spires Newport News 1952
R.R. Cogswell Arlington County 1953
J.L. Judkins Hampton 1954
L.S. Duncan Norfolk 1955
D.E. Clark Portsmouth 1956
J.R. Taliaferro Salem 1957
L.L. Drummond Norfolk 1958
M.L. Young Fairfax County 1959
V.W. Rose Suffolk 1960
C.L. Fogelgren Virginia Beach 1961
H.E. Thacker Hampton 1962
E.W. Shanklin Staunton 1963
H.P. Winn, Jr. Charlottesville 1964
R.L. Jones Portsmouth 1965
W.A. Stowell, Jr. Arlington County 1966
G.E. Clifton Danville 1967
L.R. Thomas Norfolk 1968
W.B. Fox Richmond 1969
C.B. Joy Loudoun County 1970
O.L. Goode Virginia Beach 1971
E.L. Powell, Jr. Portsmouth 1972
M.E. Sharp Alexandria 1973
B.C. Guthrie Roanoke 1974
J.E. Eyler, Sr. Norfolk 1975
J.M. Russell, Jr. Prince William County 1976
J.S. Thomas Newport News 1977
H.J. Lamb Charlottesville 1978
J. Mel Johnson Henrico County 1979
R.W. Wagner Arlington County 1980
D.A. Miller Staunton 1981
J.H. Robinson Norfolk 1982
W.A. Lilly Harrisonburg 1983
B.L. Powell Agusta County 1984
K.L. Coffelt Winchester 1985
W.T. Gilbert Albemarle County 1986
C.E. Grant Roanoke 1987
John G. Hale Henrico 1988
Ken Hockaday Spotsylvania 1989
Jack Butler Hopewell 1990
Ronald Kotula Arlington 1991
W.T. Gilbert Albemarle 1992
Bobby Clifton Danville 1993
John Windley Fairfax 1994
Jon Stillman Chesapeake 1995
Pat Murphy Richmond 1996
John Hale Henrico 1997
Paul Sood City of Alexandria 1998
Kathy Hoffman Gwyn Shenandoah 1999
John Glover Staunton 2000
David Humphrey Henrico 2003
Larry Waldron Roanoke 2004
Dean Fortney Fairfax 2005
Carol Retzlaff Fairfax 2006
Steven Borman Chesterfield 2007
James Howard Hampton 2008
Haywood Kines Prince William County 2009
Allen Turner James City County 2010
Jean Stanley Chesterfield County 2011
Frank Mauck Fairfax County 2012
Casey Littlefield Louisa County 2013